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Pharmaceutical Science

Research Focussed Areas:
With a long history as food source, mushrooms are important for their healing capacities and properties in traditional medicine. It has reported beneficial effects for health and treatment of some diseases. Here we will be focussing Drug, medicines, Supplements, and Neutraceutical properties derived from different types of mushrooms.

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Mushroom growing technology Internships

Ganoderma Mushroom Capsules | Ganoderma Mushroom Tablets

What is Ganoderma?
Ganoderma lucidium, Reishi or Lingzhi, is a type of mushroom used to promote health and longevity in traditional chinese medicine.It is also known as "The King of Herbs" and the miracle mushroom because of its miraculous health benefits. Its usage extends to almost every system of the body. Not only is it believed to heal physical ailments, it is said to bring about a peaceful state of mind as well. It contains effective antioxidants, which help in strengthening the immune system and detoxifying body. It has stress-reliveing properties that refresh the body and calm the nerves. It also promotes stamina and endurance to fight fatigue and illness. It enhances overall wellness of the body as it is a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Known Ganoderma Facts The ganoderma mushroom is one of the world's best natural marvels. It has been used for medicinal purposes in china …

Morel Mushrooms Mystery | Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur

#Morel mushrooms remain a mystery to researchers and foragers alike.

Where and why they grow is often the subject of woods-lore.

But one thing is certain, there are conditions that cause morels to flush in the spring more than any other time of year.

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